starting a new modern and nice skin for mojoPortal, the issues.

Aug 2, 2012 at 2:58 PM

Hi Joe and everyone.

I was thinking about creating a nice skin.

but there are some issues with that, and I'm trying to analyze them.

it may clarify things for me, or maybe for others who want to help the project.

maybe a team can be setup to create this skin.


Issue 1, copyright.

-Whenever I try to create a skin for a static website, or for a mojoPortal based website, I browse  CSS galleries like or or all the sites listed in

I'm not a very good graphics designer, but I know how to mix elements from different themes and change them a little if needed, to create a new skin. but there is something new I'm facing when I want to design a skin for mojoPortal, and that's copyright.

well, I live in Iran, and we are under sanctions, and the copyright law is also not important here. it has not been an issue for me. but I think I need to consider it for this skin. so, tell me please,

    -am I allowed to use different graphical elements from different commercial themes, or from live websites, to create a new skin (regarding the copyright law?)


Issue 2. finding nice themes to start from

- do you know of any theme you think will make mojoPortal look nice? most opensource themes on the web I have seen were not that good. but maybe there are some that I have missed.


(for Issue number 3, I don't necessarily want an answer, I just want to analyze, it helps me, maybe it helps others too, and I wish I get good answers too)

Issue 3. what needs a theme in mojoPortal? well, what I usually do is based on the requirements of the client, I do new designs. but for a complete skin, what features and elements need a fresh design? what I exactly need is a list in here, of all the elements, so it's no more hard to start a new design project.

does every single feature (module) need to be considered?

what about the administration pages (and Icons)

do we need a favicon? (I can't do this. is anyone who can help?)

what about the menu. how many levels should it support?

what about module titles?


and maybe I can call it Issue 4. are there any graphics designers who can help with small (but nice) elements if we ask for?


and I think there will be questions about recent changes in skins and the new utilities, and maybe we will need changes in code, and other things that only Joe can help.

Aug 13, 2012 at 12:21 PM

1. yes you must respect copyright law. you can not use graphics or other design resources created by other people without their permission or a license. We cannot include such resources in this project.

2. you can search for them as well as I can

3. Sorry but the documentation on is all we have right now. Over time I hope to improve the documentation to cover more details but you can figure out many things by studying existing skins and you can ask specific questions in the forums

4. I wish we did have good graphic designers who would volunteer to help us but currently we do not. Those are the kinds of people I would like to join this project.